MATCH FUNDING = Triple Level Impact - Due Diligence, Double Donation, Social Impact

The Core Donor (CD) is an independent person who will  contribute a set sum e.g. £10,000 to match fund the amount donated by the group.

Benefits of Being a Core Donor
• The due diligence on charity projects is completed by the group, at no cost.
• The Core Donor is introduced to a group of engaged individuals who are looking to make a difference
• The Core Donor’s donation can be doubled, with the recipient charity receiving twice as much from a standalone donation
• Join a network of other Core Donors, exchange news, stories and learning.


Rt. Honorable Theresa May 

Former Prime Minister 

“You are passionate about promoting individual social responsibility of wealth and I wish you well in your endeavours".

Lord Jim O’Neill

Former head of Global Investments Goldman Sachs

“I applaud what Peter West (Trusts in Partnership) is doing and wish him every success to take this initiative nationwide.”   

Stephen Howard

Chairman of Power and Change

“It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience working with a group of young professionals... I enjoy helping young people understand the important role that they can play in the world by living life being generous.’ 

Dr. Angela Eikenberry 

Professor at University of Nebraska at Omaha

“[The Bread Tin] have had a positive impact, most significantly on giving, learning and development, while increasing professional and social networks, leadership skills, and participation in efforts to address problems in the community."


Overseeing the formation of groups in your region.

Regional Co-ordinators (RD) are responsible for establishing new groups in their city or region and recruiting Members, Mentors and Core Donors. Regional Co-ordinators will also be a point of contact between their group(s) and the Central Office.

Benefits of Being a Co-Ordinator 
• Regional networking
• Meet like-minded and motivated people
• Bringing people together from various backgrounds
• Being instrumental in regional transformation and impact.



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