The Mentor is an independent person who will stand on the periphery of the group, monitoring relationships and ensuring that the group carry out free and fair selection of the project and that they abide by the mutually agreed criteria for beneficiary selection. The Mentor must also make sure relationships in the group are good, open and healthy, with no hidden agendas or influences. In particular, the Mentor should maintain good relationships between the Members, Core Donor and between the group and the beneficiary.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

• Being a part of what is being achieved
• Adding value to members
• Bring previous skills and experience to group
• Watching people grow and transform
• Add to growing experience of leadership
• Opportunity to make a difference


Benefits of Being a Member Throughout the programme, Members can expect to benefit in several areas including social, personal and skills development. Some benefits that previous Members have identified are:

1. Meet contemporaries and make new friends in different sectors.
2. Business networking.
3. Develop knowledge and understanding of the charitable sector. 
4. Learn and hone new transferable skills including research, presentation, communication and problem solving. 
5. Enhanced giving opportunity with guaranteed impact assessment.
6. Learning how to co-produce solutions with charities.

 The programme will also enable Members to:
• Understand themselves, their role and responsibilities in society.
• Enjoy social recognition and satisfaction.
• Develop relationships with other like-minded, socially responsible individuals.
• Become part of a wider network of alumni which we hope will continue to drive the culture of giving.


A Networker is not a compulsory role for Giving Groups to be established, however we do recognize there are individuals who may know people or are associated with networks that would be interested in Giving Plus. We appreciate that extensive time to be involved may not be feasible for some but passing the message on might be. We have highlighted this optional role in the event you know of someone who would be great as a Networker, or if that person is you.

•  Benefits of Being a Networker 
• Having a key role to play in bringing people with similar interests together 
• Seeing the outcome of giving groups being formed and the impact they have on society



Before you leave, register your interest - Please tell us what area you are from and the role you are interested in.