What is Giving Plus? 

Giving Plus (G+) is designed to educate the next generation on the individual social responsibility (ISR) of wealth. It is an active programme aimed to inspire Philanthropists and to channel direct action to support the charitable sector.
The programme is a meaningful group-based experience, developing relationships with other like-minded members of the younger generation. 

The Purpose
Giving Plus enables young professionals to be impactful change agents and to be more connected with the communities they serve by taking them through a journey that allows them to work in equal partnership with a diverse group of people, including those they set out to serve.

The Problem
Many young professionals who want to give do not have the distributed leadership skills and exposure to the people they want to help. At the same time, disadvantaged communities are not given the tools and opportunity to empower themselves.

The 'Have's' and 'Have Nots'
How we give, can reinforce or break the divide. Often givers see beneficiaries as passive victims with nothing to offer and exclude them from the design and decision-making process of how to improve their lives.

the history 

Simply put, the original concept of Giving Plus was The Bread Tin. It's purpose was to engage and organise young London City professionals into small giving circles. 10  young men and women would join a group, and decide upon a charitable theme (such as homelessness, for example) which they would research, and agree together on a charity that they would sponsor. Each participant would give £1,000, and the final amount would be match-funded by an individual philanthropist, and the combined sum given to that charity. The idea was to instil in these young professionals the value of giving to charity, a value which would ideally last a lifetime as their careers progressed.


Robbie Hardiman

The Bread Tin Alumni

"It taught me the importance of organisation, preparation and sensitivity [whilst] the process has made me much more aware of the positive impact that I can make with my disposable income.” 

Sarah Hutt

The Bread Tin Alumni

"It was immensely satisfying to see the big difference you can make, just getting together and putting aside a small sum each month. I didn’t know giving could be so satisfying!"

Olivia Wilkins

Short Term Career Officer RAF Regiment

“Working with Peter taught me a lot about giving, not just money but time too. It also helped me to think about giving creatively and engaging with smaller charities and projects rather than mainstream charities we see on TV. It wasn’t just about what I could give on my own either, but through encouraging others to get involved, what we could achieve collectively."
Rennie Hoare

The Bread Tin Alumni - Head of Philanthropy at Hoares Bank 

“I can think of nowhere else I could have had conversations about these kinds of issues that matter.”

2022 Giving Plus Beta Model

The Evolution 

We are currently testing our new model, which incorporates co-production. Groups will work with beneficiary charities in a hands-on approach to develop solutions to social issues. 

The New Model 

1. Collective Passion + Pledge

Create or Join a Group. 

Join others who share the same passion for a cause and donate £1000. 

2. Group Research

Get to know other givers and be guided by a mentor on doing co-production, including how to find out the needs, strengths and context for those they hope to serve.

3. Matching

Giving plus will match givers with beneficiaries (some through charities) and support givers to facilitate a conversation or “co-production meeting” with beneficiaries to better understand their needs, and to co-create solutions/change ideas to meet needs.

4. Co-Production

Virtual & In Person Roundtable
'Co-production means delivering public (or charitable) services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours. Where activities are co-produced in this way, both services and neighbourhoods become far more effective agents of change.’

5. Implement + Impact

Group members will work with beneficiaries charities to continue to implement change through an iterative process and collect outcomes. Impact reports will be created by givers and maintain a relationship with beneficiaries.



Be a Philanthropic Champion, match-funding Giving Groups or Become a regional co-ordinator fo your area.


The opportunity to guide a group of philanthropists, learn from a mentor on your journey or connect your network to G+.


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